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every so often i post about the podcasts that are presently “floating my boat.” i rarely listen to the radio but i do listen to a ton of talk radio podcasts while i drive, walk my dogs in the afternoon, ride my bike, and run. right now i am loving three “new to me” history podcasts. they have been great for my training for the whistestop marathon in october.

here they are:

  • dan carlin’s hardcore history – carlin doesn’t go the conventional route with discussing history. he makes some amazing correlations to modern examples that really help to understand the history he is discussing. he spends 13 hours detailing the death throes of the roman republic and it is enthralling. 
  • the history of wwii podcast by ray harris jr. – when i finished the wonderful podcast “a history of rome” i realized that i had really grown to like its series based approach to history. so i went looking for another and found ray harris’s podcast. i have just started listening to it and i am really enjoying it.
  • conversations in history and theology by maxie burch – burch serves as an associate pastor at north phoenix baptist church and an adjunct professor at fuller theological seminary. he uses the site to distribute his courses and lectures. i just finished his 10 hours of lecture on the history of CHRISTianity in america and i thoroughly enjoyed it. i really liked the way he keeps focused on the dissenting nature of americans and how it is evident in both our history and present time. i think i will start on his course on early CHRISTian history next.

these three podcasts are really making the time i run very enjoyable.

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