bringing in the big bucks


i received my amazon associates report today and as you can see i am bringing in some major money from my blogging. 😉 the amazon associates thing is basically works this way. if someone ends up buying a book or resources from amazon via a link from my blog then i get a few pennies. for example, i am currently reading miroslav volf’s “exclusion and embrace.” if you decided to buy this wonderful book (which you should because it has been amazing thus far and i am only a third of the way through it) and you went through a link on my blog then i would get a little “thank you” from amazon. as you can tell from the report above you guys and girls like to buy things from my blog. 😉 based on my math i am making almost $0.11 a month from blogging. oh yeah.

this should help with adam’s college expenses. 🙂 “hey adam, look my blogging just bought you two cups of coffee.” that will win me some respect from my oldest child.

SIDE NOTE – the problem with loving theology is that most teens don’t want to hear anything about it (i.e my kids don’t usually care to have an in depth discussion concerning it). while waiting for noah to finish with the dentist this morning i was reading volf’s discussion concerning immanence and transcendence in paul’s new creation mentioned in 2 corinthians 5:17. i was so blown away by the implications of what volf said that i needed to share it with someone (this is usually how i wrap my brain around something). pam usually fills this role but she wasn’t at the dentist office so i decided to share and discuss it with adam. “mhem” was not exactly the response that i was looking for.

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