Raspberry Pi


I don’t have it yet but Pam bought me a Raspberry Pi for my birthday. The Raspberry Pi is a $35 ARM GNU/Linux based computer. It primarily meant for hackers and educational use (i.e. learning to code). In other words this thing is for goofing around. It is interesting to read some of the uses that people have come up with for the Pi. I think I am going to do one of three things with it.

1. Turn it into a media streamer for our TV via xbmc.

2. Use it for some random video projection at Tapestry 

  • First possible option is using it as a question/announcement displayer when you are walking into the gym where we meet. I could use the screen that we used to project our lyrics onto (we now have one built into the gym) to display questions and thoughts concerning the message that night or announcements when people are walking in.
  • Secondly I would like to project windows on the side walls of the gym. I know it sounds odd but I think it would be fun to project video of church windows on the walls during some of our worship gatherings. I could use the pie and my laptop to do this.
  • Finally, I am considering buying one of the used LCD displays from UWSP’s salvage and setting it up on the information table at the back of the gym.

These are just the first few uses that I can think of for the Pi. I am sure others will come along once I get my hands on it.

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