My Sermon Helpers

I love the fact that the threads of Tapestry send me stuff to use in messages. I just received a wonderful news article from Natalie G. that I will most definitely end up using in one of the Advent Conspiracy messages. It is incredibly helpful to get these stories and thoughts from people in Tapestry because 1) it might be something good that I hadn’t heard, read, or seen, and 2) it is automatically something that I know will connect with at least one person in the room.

Of course, last time I used an illustration from Natalie someone left the church because of me using it. This was a year ago and it was a video from the Big Bang Theory (which I can’t embed because youtube and CBS apparently have some non-embedding thing going on – anyhow you can view the wonderful clip here). It was the perfect illustration for what I was talking about but the person objected to me using a video from any show with the name “the Big Bang Theory.” Ok. As one of the members of the Leadership Team says you really can’t come to Tapestry very long unless you are okay being offended every now and then. As a church we are equal opportunity offenders. I kind of like it that way.

So please send me your thoughts, illustrations, videos, and stories. I sure do appreciate them. The next 5 weeks are our annual focus on Advent Conspiracy:

  • December 2 – Worship Fully
  • December 9 – Send Less
  • December 16 – Give More
  • December 23 – Love All
  • December 30 – All Year Advent

Please send your stuff.

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