Lambeau On A Cold Day

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In 1980 I became convinced that James Lofton was the greatest receiver in the NFL and since he played for the Green Bay Packers they had to be the best team in the NFL. Lofton later left the Pack and turned out to probably not be the nicest guy but I never stopped loving the Packers. After all Bart Starr played for them so there was plenty of reason for this Alabama boy to pull for the Pack. I pulled for them when we were in Cowboy-country. I pulled for them when we were in Chiefs/Rams country and even decorated a section for the Packers during the First Baptist Church of 2012-12-23 12.12.14Carthage’s Super Bowl party because they should have beat the Cowboys and gone to Super Bowl XXX. Finally I pulled for the Pack when we were in Saints territory.

I never thought I would be able to go to Lambeau field. That happened when I ran the Green Bay marathon and then I thought I would never be able to go to a game. That changed last year when I got to go to a pre-season game at Lambueau. Today I got to do one better by going to a VERY COLD regular season game in Lambeau. A cold game at Lambeau is about as quintessential an NFL experience as you can get. It was AWESOME! Not only did the Pack win, they dominated. 55 to 7. The Pack would have even had a shutout if it weren’t for one play.

I guess the next step is a Packers/Bears game at Lambeau. That would have to be good. Almost Iron Bowl like

I even kind of enjoyed the two drunk guys behind us who claimed to be the biggest sports fans around and then kept asking “how did we get the ball?” They paid a lot of money to have the privilege of paying really high prices for beer and ignore the game.

Thanks Kayleigh and Joe for inviting us. It was great. Go Pack! Go!

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