I Just Heard the Phrase “Speech Language Pathology”

I am presently sitting at Emy J’s pretending to be doing something important but actually not. There is plenty that I could be doing but the problem is the two ladies behind me are talking about Speech Language Pathology (Communicative Disorders if you are from UWSP) . Because of the fact that I am fascinated by Pam’s profession I find my ears attuned to anyone talking about it. So I am presently eavesdropping on their conversation. Yes I know I probably shouldn’t be listening in but you aren’t here to chastise me so I will just continue. 🙂

I talked a little last night at Tapestry about our ears and eyes being tuned into things. We all have experienced this. I can hear people talking theology, running, fishing, photography, or any number of other things I am really interested in from all the way across a noisy, crowded room while I have headphones on blaring the Clash’s “London Calling.” My mind just picks up on thing that I am focused on. When I purchased Fred the Sentra I started noticing old Sentras everywhere and considering what they have done to their Sentras versus what I want to do with mine. I’ve seen this attunement with artists of various types. My friends who are musicians hear things in music that I would never pick up on without their help. My friends who paint naturally see colors that I just scan right past. My dad, who is a woodworker, sees things in furniture that I can stare at and still miss. I think the most extreme example of this I can think of right now is Joel S. He is studying soil. The guy finds absolutely amazing things in dirt. Why? Well because he is training his mind to look for the amazing and when you look for it there is apparently some pretty amazing things in dirt.

So that is my wish for all of us for 2013. I hope that we focus our eyes, ears, nose, touch, taste, and mind to look for what God is doing around us. I hope that we all expect to see God dong something and therefore begin to notice that He is doing things all around each of us. I hope that you and I then have the courage to jump into what ever He is doing and be a part of it.

Thank you Lord for all that you did in 2012 and may we believe in you enough to be part of what you do in 2013.

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