Pointing versus Creating

I just heard a statement on a podcast I was listening to concerning pointing becoming more valuable than creating in Western culture. What does this mean. Well what was referenced is that we have begun to value the acting of pointing out something that is interesting or cool more than we do the actual creating of the item. Think of how many things you have “shared” via facebook, twitter, instagram, good read, reddit, boing boing, or some other social network versus how much you have actually created for someone else to point to. Reddit and boing boing really just exist to point out interesting thing. Or consider Pinterest. These are entire social media networks established just to point out interesting things. I don’ t think this is an age thing either. My parents point to/share just as many videos, photos, graphics as my kids do. Pam and I do the same thing (though Pam creates I fair amount too).

Right now, I’m not sure what this means or even how to speculate about what it might reference concerning modern culture. I do however find it interesting and therefore thought I would point it out. 😉

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