Boston Marathon Bombing

I don’t really have anything substantial to add to all that has been said and continues to be said about the bombing that took place during the Boston Marathon today. I’ve read some amazing thoughts concerning it. I’ll just add a few tweets.

I posted the following to Tapestry’s facebook page asking for the members of Tapestry to start praying for the church in the Boston area:

Threads, I am sure so many of you are already praying for Boston – for those who have been hurt, for those who are taking care of loved ones and friends, and for those who feel that their entire world has been shaken and no longer feel that there is any hope. Please add the churches of Boston to your list. Pray that the “bride of Christ” (a.k.a the church) will respond in such a manner that all around see proof of a loving God who cares for Boston and the entire world. Pray that our sisters and brothers in Boston risk more than any one thinks is prudent, care more than anyone thinks is possible, and love more than most have ever experienced. Let us support our brothers and sisters in Boston as they respond to crisis in the name and love of the crucified One. They bear His image in the midst of pain and anguish. It is our job to lift them up.

I don’t know why but as a marathoner this whole thing is affecting me different from than the other violent and stupid things that seem to regularly happen in our world. Not worse. Just different. I keep finding myself thinking that Pam and the boys would have been trying to stand near the finish line so they could see me finish and how would I live with myself and something happened to them while they were trying to support me. I find myself thinking about If I had been there and finished I would have been dealing with strange feelings or, on the other hand, dealing with the feelings of having been there and not finished and feeling guilty about thinking like that when people have lost their lives. The running community is such a wonderful fraternity of people. I have no doubt that some amazing examples of support and perseverance will come from what some nut meant to be horrific.

For now I guess I will pray for Boston.

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