Too Fundy for My Progressive Friends

I've said for a few years a line that I am sure I stole from someone which goes like this:

My conservative friends think I am a bleeding heart socialist and my liberal friends I am a raging fundamentalist.

In the past I have probably been around more of my conservative friends and used to being on the more liberal edge of the friendships ideological spectrum. Recently, however, I have been spending a good bit more time with some of my more liberal friends and it has reminded me just how conservative I am. I was told by one of those friends last week that I was a fundamentalist. This person didn't say this trying to be mean and I didn't take it as an insult. It was just a statement in the conversation concerning each of our beliefs. I don't know if I have ever been referred to as a fundamentalist. It just took me off guard. I guess Pam will have to start dressing different since she is apparently married to a fundamentalist pastor.


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