My British Keyboard


A while back I wanted a bluetooth keyboard for use with the various bluetooth enabled tablet like devices I use. Of course, while I wanted the keyboard I didn’t want to pay the actual retail price for said keyboard. I wanted to find a deal. Eventually I discovered an excellent deal on a Motorola keyboard. Regular price was $65 but I found it on sale for $9. Why was it on sale? Well because it is a British keyboard.

This means there are slight differences between this keyboard and a normal US keyboard. This isn’t usually a problem. I can pretty much do everything I need to do with it without any difficulty. Unfortunately every now and then the Brits mess things up for me by making the British key placement slightly different from the US key placement. Come on Brits. Get with the program! Argh!

Even though he and his bride moved up to the Pacific Northwest this past Summer I still blame Henry for this. Darn you Henry and darn all your tea-swilling countrymen too. 🙂

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