Just posting to post

Nothing specific to blog about. Just thought I would post about a few random things basically just to post something.

  • I’m on call as a casual chaplain for the hospital this week, which means I am once again wearing a beeper. Just want to say that wearing a beeper makes me feel like I’m a drug dealer waiting to make a deal. Which I’m not.
  • Thanks to my dad I judge businesses based on their toilet paper. #problems-of-the-child-of-a-toilet-paper-salesman
  • Until today I have thought the Android NFC (Near Field Communication) was kind of gimmicky but I have recently seen some examples online of people using the stickers to do some interesting things. I might try this out when I get my new phone.
  • Speaking of phones is anyone out there using Ting? I think we are swapping over to them for our cell phone service in August and I would gladly use any friend”s referral code to make sure you get some benefit out of me swapping.

That is all for now folks.

3 Replies to “Just posting to post”

    1. Cool Mary. That makes you the first friend to say something so if you swap over before I do (August 28) I’ll sign up through your referral code and we’ll both get a little credit.

    2. BTW I think the “little credit” equals $50 for your first referral and I will get like $25 for going through your. That won’t be bad for your first month with Ting.

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