Steve Taylor Just Called Me

I have loved Steve Taylor‘s music since I first heard him in High School. That is why as soon as I saw it I jumped on the kickstarter campaign for his first new album in 20s years. Seriously the video for the campaign only shows much of the quikiness that makes him so great. Here it is.

Anyhowtwo days ago Mr. Taylor posted that this weekend he would make random phone calls to thank various members of the campaign (all you had to do was send a message via “contact me” that you would be up for a phone call). A few minutes ago he called and I missed his phone call. He restricted his caller ID which makes sense but it also meant that I allowed his call to go to my voicemail.

The bad news is that I missed talking to Steve Taylor on the phone. The good news is that I received the voicemail below from Steve Taylor wishing me a Merry Christmas and that the Packers will have a better year next year. It’s pretty cool and I now share the awesomeness of Steve Taylor with you.

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