2 Quick Things

FIRST, tonight Adam showed Pam and I the above t-shirt that he bought from Threadless. Yeah, we are quite proud to have raised a son who has excellent taste in clothes. At least I think we’re proud of his taste in clothing. Okay, well at least we’re proud of him for lots of other reasons. 🙂 Pam worries that you can’t really see all of the above photo of the sloth in an astronaut suit so here’s a link to the full photo so you can see it in all its glory.


the robertson post copy

Celebrities + Controversy = Blog Post Reads

SECOND, the above graph shows the daily views of my blog for the past 5 years. I write a piddly little blog that is read by about 40 people per day. No complaints here. I basically write for myself. I enjoy the act of typing something out and hopefully use it to think through some things every now and then. I also write for a very pragmatic reason and that is so that people who are considering Tapestry can have someway of knowing me before they give Tapestry a try. Then two days ago I wrote a brief post on my thoughts concerning the uproar about Phil Robertson’s statements and my little blog blew up. Well at least it blew up for my standards. In two days my little blog was viewed by almost 800 new people. The only other time something close to this has happened was when Mark O linked to me years ago. Of course, today the number dropped back to 50.

Ahhhh, it feels good to be back where I belong.

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