Busy Day, But A Good Day

Today was a busy day and it was a great day. One of the things I love about being a pastor is that I get to do a variety of things, from the mundane to the dramatic. From the administrative to the impactful.  Basically on any given day I get to do a lot of different things. Today was one such day.

Here is what my day looked like.

  • Continued studying for the Resurrection sermon series I am doing for Tapestry.
  • An hour of prep work for the jambalaya for tonight’s Place of Peace meal.
  • Drive 40 minutes to a funeral, attend the funeral, drive back home
  • Cook the jambalaya.
  • While I let the jambalaya simmer I deal with Tapestry administrative stuff, making contact with two couples for premarital counseling, getting all the initial stuff taken care of (I use the Prepare/Enrich survey with couples and ask them to read a few books), and scheduling our sessions together, and finally dealing with chaplaincy administrative stuff.
  • Answering a ton of texts concerning the Place of Peace meal (I love answering these texts because they are all about getting people involved in helping others).
  • Finishing the jambalaya.
  • The Place of Peace meal – serving food and eating with people who look a lot like Jesus. A pretty awesome night, as always.
  • Getting home and cleaning up.

Right not I smell like pig fat (from the ton of sausage in the jambalaya) and I’m tried.  I am also happy as I sit beside Pam watching Parenthood and blogging together. I have known some ministers who complained pretty frequently about how busy they were.  I have mentioned before that minister complaining/bragging about being busy drove me nuts and it still does. Why? Well for two reasons: 1) Because the variety of what I get to do is awesome and significant, and 2) my schedule is amazingly flexible.  I am blessed to be a minister and the ministerial schedule, both during busy times and slack times, is a part of that blessing.

I will take a sabbath sometime next week but tonight I am thankful for a busy day.

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