Malachi Collaboration

Hey Ladies & Gents. I’ve missed collaborating with y’all and thought I would start off Google Doc files for the Malachi series so that you can collaborate in the preparation of the sermon. How do you do this> Well you read the text for this week’s sermon and then record any comments, questions, stories, images, etc that come to mind from your reading of the passage of scripture. You will also be able to see my work on the message each week and make comments on what I have been writing.

Below is a screencast of how to operate in Google Docs that I created for those who were helping me collaborate on sermons for my D.Min project. The information in it still works for a basic primer on how we will use Google Docs for collaboration.

I decided to start this a little late this week. Form now on the file for the week’s sermon will be open starting each Monday. For those of you who can be with us because you have gone for the Summer or you are traveling this is a manner in which you can still be involved in the message of Christ to our community.

Here’s the main link page that I will link every sermon prep Google Doc to and here is the actual Google Doc for this week.

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