Random Music Thoughts at the Moment

  • I bought my phone used off of Ebay for use on Ting and it came with a few musical selections already on it that weren’t mine. The only reason I noticed this is because every now and then when scanning my music I would see something and think to myself “how did I get that.” I don’t usually notice it too much because I am usually listening to specific music rather than a random shuffle of everything on my phone. Today I noticed some music that was too much for me to ignore. An album from one of the Twilight movies has apparently been lurking on my phone for the 8 months I have had it. That was too much and I tracked down all the errant music and deleted it. I am a little ashamed of some of the music that the previous owner left on my phone (two full albums from the Voice) and I now feel like I need to take a shower.
  • While great for running music Rage Against the Machine isn’t very conducive for sermon preparation. On the other hand, Music for Airports by Brian Eno is awesome for sermon prep. Robert Johnson & Etta James aren’t bad for sermon prep either.
  • I pretty much only have three sources of music selection now:
    1. My past – Either the constant rotation of (The Clash, The Police, U2, & Bob Marley) or the rediscovery of (recently this has meant Kansas & the Dead Kennedys) music that I listened to in my younger years.
    2. My kids – Adam and Noah end up introducing me to groups that they listen to that I think are actually good. I try not to admit this to them because I don’t want them to get big heads.
    3. NPR bumper music – It is amazing the number of bands that I have grown to like simply because their music acts as bumper music during certain NPR podcasts that I listen to.
  • Rich Mullins’ A Liturgy, A Legacy, & a Ragamuffin Band is one of my favorite albums ever. I have recently gone through a kick of listening to it again and it still isn’t old. All the better with the rainy weather we have had all week long.

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