Bye Hide-A-Bed

I just put our hide-a-bed out on the street and posted a curb alert on craigslist for anyone who wants to pick it up. If it isn’t gone tomorrow I will take it to the dump. Oh how I hate this thing as a hide-a-bed. As a couch it really wasn’t that bad.

Anyhow here’s the curb alert that I posted.

It’s a hide-a-bed but not just any hide-a-bed but one specifically designed to have its support bar put into the most painful position available for a guest’s back. Really, you wouldn’t believe how perfectly this support is setup for uncomfortable sleep. You might think you know, but you have no idea. Like I said it is perfect.

Why is the perfect? Well because it ensures that your guest won’t stay that long. A stubborn guest might make it two nights on this hide-a-bed. A truly talented leach of a guest might be able to stand three nights on the hide-a-bed. I promise they won’t stay for a fourth night. It is a perfect way to have a guest spend the night and be assured that they will not over stay their welcome. You can pretend like you want them to stay, “No please don’t leave, there is so much more we can do.” It won’t matter what you say because they will be looking for a way to get out of your house and away from this painful hide-a-bed. You’ll never have to ask someone to leave again.

It is said that in olden times people would display a pineapple in public when a guest arrived. 
It was a sign of welcome but also a reminder not to over stay your welcome. When the pineapple began to turn you needed to be out of the house. Well this hide-a-bed is your modern day pineapple. It says “hey you’re welcome here, we have a place for you to sleep” and then it adds “but you don’t want to stay too long.”

It’s your’s for free. Just pick it up and then tell your guests you have a place for them to sleep … at least for a little while.

No holds. First one here gets this beauty.

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