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So friends in the Point area and “threads” I need your advice/opinion. For a few years I have gone to a conference called Q that I really like. It is kind of a TED talk for faith & culture. The conference is now going to do a national/regional collaboration called Q Commons and I applied to host one in the Point area. I’ve been accepted and now I have to commit or drop out. Therefore, I am wondering what your interest in this might be, because I figure if you are interested then there is a good chance it will work for us.

Q Commons is basically 3 national speakers that will be live feed videoed (Malcom Gladwell is one of the national speakers) and 3 regional speakers who will be with us.  Each speakers has around 9 minutes to talk about what they see that is right, wrong, confused, etc. in faith and culture in our nation and region. Gladwell is the exception to this, he will have 18 minutes. Part of the focus of the evening is interaction between those involved in the evening. This means that there are two times throughout the evening that participants talk through ideas that have been discussed. Heck they are evening planning on giving each of the participants a Moleskine to record their thoughts in – I’ll do a lot for a Moleskine.

Anyhow I was wondering what my friends’ thoughts might be. Is this something you would be interested in? Costs $29 for the evening Thursday, February 26th. Thoughts?

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