1st Two Days of Deer Hunting

Short post here because I haven’t had a shot at a deer yet this season. I went yesterday morning for 5 hours, yesterday afternoon for an hour and a half, and then two hours this afternoon. The first question that is usually asked is “have you had any luck?” Well luck is the tough part of that question. As I wrote earlier I haven’t had a shot at a deer yet, but I did get close enough to hit four deer with a rock if I had wanted too. Yesterday afternoon when I was driving back to the Glaze abode (where I am mostly hunting this year). When I hit their driveway there were 3 does and a nice 6-8 point buck standing there right in between me and the house, which meant I couldn’t shoot even if I had been ready. ARGH! They eventually ran around the house and Eric saw them but he didn’t have a shot either. Not sure if that is really lucky or not. I assume seeing deer really close and not being able to shoot isn’t lucky, at least for me, maybe it is for the deer. Personally I don’t really care about the deer being lucky.

Anyhow on the good side I did finish my first deer hunting read today. I like to read while I am deer hunting. It is part of the fun. According to Eric this makes me a terrible deer hunter. I, on the other hand, like to think that it makes me an excellent deer hunting reader. Anyhow the first book was Neil Gaiman’s “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.” It was excellent.

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