3rd Day "Deer Hunting"

I was able to go out deer hunting for a little while this afternoon and thought I would report on how it was. The reading was great. 🙂 Today I started N.T. Wright’s “Evil & the Justice of God” and, at least, the first third of it is very good. The deer hunting? Well, I at least saw a deer in the field I was hunting today. Unfortunately it was 150ish yards away and either I spooked it when I was trying to look at it through my scope or something else did, because it ever so gingerly jumped back into the woods. It didn’t bolt away, so I waited hoping it would come back. Unfortunately it didn’t come back out for the remaining 10 minutes of shooting time.

Like I have written previously, I’m a terrible deer hunter, but I am an excellent deer hunting reader. Still the reading was really good. 🙂

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