My Possible


For the past seven years or so I have been a fan of carrying a small bag with me that holds all the things I believe I need to handle whatever I might face during the day.  A few friends (and family) have mocked me for my bag, calling it my “man purse”. I don’t care because I like having all this stuff handy and I don’t like my pockets full of stuff.

December brought two changes to my Every Day Carry (EDC) bag.

  1. Pam gave me a new bag for Christmas. I had been using a bag Adam used when he was in second grade. As you probably know I am cheap.
  2. I have a new name for my bag. It is my possible. I read “The Revenant” and learned that the mountain men always kept close a small bag, called their possibilities bag or possible, to keep themselves prepare for all the possible things they might face. My bag is a possible and Eric G is wrong when he calls it a man purse. So there.

Anyhow here are the things that I keep in my possibles bag.

  1. OXA vintage canvas messenger bag – this is the bag Pam bought me for Christmas. It is a big improvement.
  2. Asus T100 Tablet/Laptop upgraded to Windows 10 – I love this little tablet/laptop. Powerful enough to do most of what I need done and small enough to be easy to carry around.
  3. NIV Skinii Bible with extra ribbon bookmarks put in
  4. Whatever book I am presently reading. At the time of this photo it was an autographed version of Jurgen Moltmann’s work “The Passion for Life“. Yep that’s right it is an autographed copy.
  5. Leuchtturm Whitelines journal – a journal that allows me to digitize photos of the pages and send them to Dropbox or Evernote.
  6. Cheapo headphones – I don’t buy expensive headphones because I’ve killed every good pair of headphones I have ever purchased. The cheap ones seem to last for me so I have chosen poorer quality sound that last, rather than better quality sound that I kill and then feel bad about.
  7. A Tapestry Carabiner & 550 Fire Cord Paracord – that’s right it is paracord that has a fire starter line within it.
  8. Cheap BIC lighter – to be replaced with a flint & steel in the future because I think it is more fun.
  9. A Makey Makey Go – Pam bought this for me for Christmas. It allows me to turn almost anything into an input device for a computer. It is quite fun. I’ve used it a few times at Emy J’s when I was bored.
  10. Mini first aid kit – picked up for free from St. Michael’s hospital with a few bandages, sanitizing wipes, antibiotic cream, and a few over the counter drugs (most importantly BC Powder).
  11. Twin tip Sharpie markers & BIC Atlantis Pens – the best inexpensive pen there is.
  12. Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse
  13. Coast G19 LED Inspection Flashlight
  14. Leatherman Rebar multitool – thanks to my brother.

With this bag in tow I am ready for most possibilities I run up against during my days.


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