Two Things

FIRST, this blog is the only means I have of communicating to the mystery gifter who leaves random gifts every now and then for Pam and me. Thanks for the gift for Pam this past weekend and don’t worry there aren’t any “rules” concerning the offering box (other than “don’t steal anything from the box” but I figure you won’t do that anyhow). In my previous blog post I was just expressing my own awkwardness. Anyhow thanks for the gift for my wife. It means a lot to me when people recognize how amazing she is.

SECOND, today was the beginning of the supplemental antler-less gun deer season here in Central Wisconsin. Since I didn’t shoot a deer during the regular season I will be spending a little time (when I have it available) in the woods over the next four days. Of course, this naturally means that I will be reading, since that is what I do when I deer hunt. Today’s adventure in bad deer hunting was sponsored by Judith Couchman’s “The Mystery of the Cross: Bringing Ancient Christian Images to Life

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