Need To Blog Something

It’s a new year and I don’t have anything of any depth to write about so I’ll just post a couple of things just to get back into the habit blogging more often.

1st, Eric G made my day today because during setup he asked if I had a black sharpie. I know this doesn’t sound like much but it gave me a great chance to prove Eric wrong and proving him wrong is a wonderful thing. You see he regularly mocks my possible, the bag I carry with me pretty much everywhere I go to help me cope with whatever I may possibly face. He calls it my “man purse” because he doesn’t recognize the genius of a possible. That’s just wrong. it isn’t a “man purse”, it’s a possible. So when he asked if I had a black sharpie I was able to “why yes I do” with a smile and reach into my possible to pull out a black sharpie for him to use. It was a glorious moment.

This was the cover of the bulletin from today, January 1st.

2nd, each week I try to put a quote on the front of the of the bulletin (the piece of paper we put out each week that has info about who we are, the scripture for the week, and various announcements). My goal with the quote is to try and summarizes what the message is about. Sometimes I do a better job of finding quotes that do this than other times. Anyhow I try to find something that conveys this message because I figure that way if someone remembers nothing else from the message but the quote then they have a basic summary of the message. So this year I have decided to do a graphic from the quote each week and post it on the Tapestry Facebook page. If any “thread” would like to do some of these I would be more than happy for the help. Just let me know.

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