Butt Fedora

I’m not one to curse. At one time in my life I was (boy was I), but then I turned 16 and I decided that I really didn’t like using curse words or vulgarities. They don’t really bother me when other people say them. I was a workman’s compensation adjuster in a shipyard when I graduated from college. You really haven’t been good and cursed out till you have told a shipbuilder that he won’t be receiving his workman’s compensation next week because you have denied his claim. When you can receive that salty word slapping and remain calm then you can handle most things in life. So like I previously wrote, I’m not usually bothered by other people cursing (except if you are very vulgar in public in front of children or using the Lord’s name in vain just to get my goat), but I don’t use them myself.

Except for one phrase that makes me laugh. I might not say it out loud but I think it a fair amount. The phrase is “ass hat” and it makes me laugh every time I hear it used. I don’t know what it is about the phrase (the picture of an ass hat, the sounds of the words together, the perfect description of the stupidity that just occurred in front of me), but whatever it is I love the phrase. However, I still don’t say it out loud.

That’s why Pam and I developed another word phrase to take the place of ass hat. We now say that someone is being a butt fedora. I may actually like butt fedora better than ass hat. The original phrase is more succinct but butt fedora (that was fun) brings up a more vivid mental picture in my mind. It is a wonderful phrase to describe someone who has done something incredibly dumb.

That guy keeps on driving in the left lane. What a butt fedora!

See, it works. Makes me smile just to think of it. I hope you have a day with few butt fedora interactions.

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