Clive Likes the Theology

The price of the book has really jumped.

I believe Jürgen Clive may have taken being named after a German theologian and an English religious thinker to heart a little too much. The photo above shows what he did to my copy of Fleming Rutledge’s work “The Crucifixion” when I left it as “low-hanging fruit” in my suitcase from my last trip. Since hardcover copies of the book are presently selling for $289 on Amazon I don’t think I will be replacing this any time soon.

I’m all for Clive devouring theology (especially good theology, because Dr. Rutledge’s book is excellent) but I wish he would do so a little less literally.

Dr. Rutledge, Clive liked your book so much he drooled a lot. Of course, he drools over everything, but I am sure this was special drool because of your book.

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