Yes I Own A Gorilla Costume

I can’t tell you the number of times it has come in handy owning a gorilla costume. Seriously, my boys and I have gotten a fair amount of use out of it. You should get one for yourself and you will suddenly find lots of uses for it that you never imagined.

Tomorrow it will come in handy as part of my “Trunk or Treat” setup for giving the “thread” kids at Tapestry a fun memory before church. I have the whole thing worked out in my head and just need to finish a few of the decorations for tomorrow, which is the perfect thing to do while watching college football.

Here’s hoping that this doesn’t actually backfire and accidentally scare the kids. I can see some kids on a counselor’s couch years from now explaining why he is scared of church because of the gorillas that obviously live in churches. Additionally to this fear Eric G is trying to convince me to do the message for the church tomorrow while in the costume. As much as I would enjoy doing that I figure it is probably best that I not to do so.

SIDE NOTE – I thought it would be funny to have the song where Gwen Stefani spells out “bananas” playing in the background. Apparently I had never actually heard the song other thank her spelling bananas and saying she isn’t a hollaback girl. After listening I think it is best not to have it playing in the background.

SIDE NOTE – for those who might be wondering what it looked like, here is a photo from today.

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