Sleep Tight Little Lady

Tonight Buddy was placed in storage for the Winter (thanks Michael). This is a little later than I wanted but still fine. My only concern is that she may have seen a little salt residue on the roads from the past week. She has been waxed well so I am fairly sure any little salt residue she experienced shouldn’t be a big deal. I may also spray a can of WD40 on her underside just to add a little more confidence concerning her storage.

Anyhow it was a Summer of extensive work on Buddy (thanks Conor). She came out of storage with an automatic transmission and went back into storage today with a manual transmission. She is now a ton more fun to drive because of that standard transmission.  Lots of small cosmetic improvements from replacing emblems to knobs whose print had worn off, and various other mechanical work on her.

The goal for next Summer involves swapping in a 2.3l turbo engine from a ’87-’88 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. Woot woot! I just have to find the engine at a reasonable price now. If only this can be arrange Buddy will no longer be “all show, no go.”

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