Terrell Family Christmas Tree Day

I’m really just posting these photos here on the blog more as an advertisement for a company I believe in, Pheasant Pines. We Terrell’s have been going to Pheasant Pines for years to get our yearly Christmas tree. We even used to be an advertising photo on their website a long time ago. One of the things I like about them is that they support a local charity each year with part of the proceeds from their tree sales. This year the charity they will be supporting is Evergreen Community Initiatives (ECI). For you threads you will know ECI as the group that runs the Place of Peace meal that we regularly participate in and several of us go to and help at each week.

Anyhow if you don’t have a place from where your family and/or friend-amily purchase your Christmas tree, I would recommend trying Pheasant Pines. They are awesome and you will be supporting ECI with your purchase. If you have a place and like them stay with them. Building a family/friend-amily tradition is the thing that I want to encourage most.

As for how the Terrell’s do Christmas tree cutting we have traditionally had a very strict work order. The order is:

  • Pam picks the tree
  • I cut the tree
  • Adam drags the tree to the vehicle
  • Noah places the tree on the vehicle

We find that this order leads to a smooth overall Christmas tree acquiring process. We had to modify things a little this year because Adam could stay past Thanksgiving day (we missed you buddy).

Best part of this year was a fluky thing. I cut through the tree trunk with the bow saw, and apparently did it so fast that the trunk fell on itself and reminded standing without any other support. If you look at the fourth picture closely you will see the bow saw on both sides of the tree trunk.

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