See Curling is a Real Sport

Every now and then I get picked on by my friends concerning being a curling. Yes, along with Adam H, Brian O, and Marc M, I am a proud member of the Stevens Point Curling Club. Anyhow the times when I get picked on for curling the general tone is that curling isn’t a real sport. “Anybody can curl.” “No real sport involves a broom.” That’s bogus.

Two days ago a Russian curler at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics failed his drug tested and has now been accused of taking performance enhancing drugs. Here’s an article concerning the accusation.

Now taking performance enhancing drugs is bad and I in no way want to encourage such wrong behavior. I will, however, say that I feel that an athlete getting caught doping in order win proves that curling is a real sport. 🙂

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