Collaborative Lenten Season

What I am about to suggest is late for the first week and that’s entirely my fault. I didn’t think of this in time.

Let’s collaborate on the Tapestry Sunday morning worship gatherings. We’ve done this before and it was excellent.

Here’s what it will look like.

  • I’ve created a Google Doc for each Sunday (and Good Friday) in the Lenten Season. That document has the scripture for the week and an overall theme. Here’s the link to the overall Google Doc (which has each week’s Doc link within it) and here’s the link to this week’s specific Google Doc.
  • I will put my sermon preparation notes into each document and add a few questions that I would like us to consider.
  • I would encourage every “thread” who would like to participate to to put down their thoughts, questions, and anything else that you believe connects with the passage and them.
  • Specifically I would love to have some image and song that relates to each week theme. Something that we could display on the projector (or in person) and play on the sound system while everyone is coming into the gym.

I know this is late for this first week but it definitely isn’t for the weeks following. I’m not asking anyone to put more time into this than they can. If merely a fifth of the people involved in Tapestry put one thought down each week that would be awesome. If it was more that would be even better.

All I ask is that no one makes fun of my invariably bad spelling. I am a work in progress.

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