Project Memories

Back in December I posted about Project Tuna Casserole, where I asked a “thread” to make tuna casserole for a group of guys at the Place of Peace meal who hope for tuna casserole each week. Two weeks from now Tapestry is providing the meal for Place of Peace again and the tuna casserole is again planned for the evening, but as of tonight I have a new project to add to Project Tuna Casserole. I am calling it Project Memories (Memories has to be sung in an overly dramatic manner like the song “Way We Were”).

Tonight as I was leaving the Place of Peace meal one of the regulars, about my age or a little older, grabbed my arm. This isn’t unusual. My whole purpose at the meal each week is to be there simply to pray and talk with people. Very often the conversations I have with people start by me walking one direction and someone grabbing my arm to pull me another direction. So I thought this was just going to be a prayer request. She started off by saying ” I have what may seem a weird request.” Okay, nothing really strange there. That is often how conversations with me start out. She then said “do you know anybody who can teach me how to scrapbook?”

I can honestly say that I have never been asked that question.

Between chaplaining and pastoring I get lots of requests for help and resources, but scrapbook never been one of those requests. She added that she wanted to organize her pictures because she was afraid she was beginning to loose them and the memories of them. That sounds like something that someone can help with and I have no doubt that this lady would be very grateful for the help.

So Sunday I will be asking at Tapestry if someone would like to help one of the regulars at Place of Peace in learning how to scrapbook. I’m fairly sure Jesus was never a Creative Memories consultant but I think He will be pleased with this effort.

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