Hour Reminders Next Week

How I typically draw out Jesus as the mediator.

Today in Tapestry I encouraged the “threads” to pick one or two moments during the day to use as a reminder that as a disciple of Jesus Christ we should recognize Him as mediating our present experience. In other words, for a follower of Jesus we would connect with, view, and experience everything through Him.

I used this image as an example:

I have written about Jesus as the mediator of our lives in this post. Such practice has been a part of the church for a long time as the canonical hours. I will be singing the doxology, a prayer that recognizes that all things do praise God, while also being a confession and commitment that we will praise God.

Anyhow below is the church Google Calendar with the canonical hours setup as a reminders.  That way you can subscribe to the calendar and have reminders on your phone.

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