One Year Into Robinhood

I’ve posted before about Robinhood, a free investment platform that I started using a year ago, but I thought I would post about it again for two reasons:

  1. Apparently Joe H decided to join Robinhood and it looks like he used an old invite link  that I had posted, so I received a free stock. I received one share of Under Armor. This is by far my highest price free share yet (UAA closed Friday at $21.36, where as my previous highest value free share was about $4). Thanks Joe! I hope you got a nice share like my brother did Рhe received a free share of Apple.
  2. I’ve been investing speculatively through Robinhood for a year now so I could judge how I have done.

As you can see from the graphic attached to the post my return for the year was 13.75%, whereas the S&P 500 for the same dates brought a return of 10.783%. Thus I beat the S&P by 2.967%. Of course, that is counting my free shares for referring people to Robinhood, and the S&P doesn’t get those, so I probably lost to the S&P.

Maybe it is a good thing that I don’t handle anyone else’s retirement. ūüôā BTW if you want to try Robinhood and want a free stock use this link¬† I’ve had a blast doing a small amount of speculative investing through Robinhood.

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