I Saw Navel Gazing


A year and a half ago I used the above photo “edited” of the statues of the Satyres en atlante which depicts Omphaloskepsis (navel gazing) during a message at Tapestry.  I used it to talk about some a tendency people sometimes have to contemplate what seems deep but actually doesn’t matter to real life, i.e. navel gazing. I had forgotten that the statues were located at the Lourve . So when we went to Paris I was thrilled to walked into the section of Roman antiquities and see it standing in the middle of one of the rooms.

I left my photo unedited because of two things:

  1. It is on my own self-hosted blog and not a 25′ screen at church, and
  2. The bulge that I covered up is actually just the knot of the wrap that is around their waste. I just thought it would be too distracting during our worship gathering to leave it uncovered and try to explain that it was merely where the wrap was tied. Also, covering the knot with the word “art” was pretty funny, so that was also a win.

SIDE NOTE – if you are considering a vacation anywhere you should talk to Pam. She is amazing at planning. You would not believe how little we paid for all four of us to go to France and basically be able to do anything we wanted to do because of her skills in vacation planning.

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