Almost Freaky Timing

While I have mixed feelings concerning Facebook I love Facebook Messenger. What I love about it is that my family uses it throughout the day to maintain a conversation. Seriously, Pam, Adam, Noah, and my Mom talk about meaningful and basically meaningless things all throughout our day. Yes, we talk on the phone and video conference for family discussions (Thanks Google Hangouts) but this ongoing daily chat keeps me feeling connected to my family throughout the day.

Sometimes the chats lead to humor. Today it led to a kind of freaky series of events.

It began with Pam randomly posting that Noah should consider applying to the University of Northern Iowa for grad school. Since Noah is a graduating Senior this year in Communication Science Disorders graduate school is a common topic of conversation for us. I’ll not post the rest of this conversation but it was basically Noah asking why Pam thought he should apply to UNI and Pam explaining why she believed it would be a good fit.

This conversation took place around noon.

When I arrived at home around 4 pm I checked our mail and discovered a letter addressed to Noah from the University of Northern Iowa. This was pretty odd timing so I posted this photo in the group chat.

Since this was Noah’s letter I wasn’t going to open it but I did think that if he knew of it he would probably want me to open it up for him. I was correct. He asked me to open the letter and tell him what would be in this letter from a university that he had had no contact with but which we were talking about earlier in the day.

I bet you also want to know what the letter was about. Well it was an invitation from UNI for Noah to consider applying to one of their “outstanding graduate programs”.  Seriously.

I know this letter doesn’t really mean anything. It isn’t an acceptance letter. It’s just an invitation to apply. Still the timing was amazing.

I love what happens in our Terrell family ongoing group chat.

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