I Tried To Buy These

I couldn’t get the lady down to the price I was willing to pay but I was hoping to get these at a price that was low enough to justify a practical joke. If I had been able to buy all nine of these mannequin heads I was then going to randomly mail them to various friends. I thought it would have been a great and creepy prank. Imagine receiving a box in the mail and then opening it up to discover these looking up at you with no explanation. I have some friends who would get a kick out of it.

The pipes bombs being mailed have changed my mind concerning these prank. For some reason I no longer think that receiving an anonymous mannequin head in your mail would be as funny. I’m really thankful that the seller wouldn’t come down to my price. In our current climate my practical joke would not have been as cool.

Seriously, who knew that there were so many mannequin heads for sale?

Of course, my thoughts on this might change in a year and oddly there is a surprising number of mannequin heads for sale on Facebook Marketplace. So who knows, a year or two from now some of y’all might get the great prank of a creepy fake head arriving in your mail.

How much fun would that be?!?!?!?


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