I love my friends.

I have a lot of good friends all over the world, but right now I am specifically writing about three here in Wisconsin. Natalie & Eric Glaze and Andy Lickel. At Tapestry this morning Eric and Natalie walked in an gave me a nicely wrapped gift and said I could go ahead and open it up. I wasn’t expecting a gift from them but whatever it was I knew that I would be thankful. When I opened it I discovered the “antler” mount in the photo above. I laughed to the point that I actually cried.

Those are the nubs from the 1 1/2 year old buck I shot this year. I shot it thinking I was shooting a decent size doe. Instead I shot a buck that should have had a rack but genetically had nubs. It is actually the first buck I have ever shot – I’ve only been deer hunting a few years and I typically shoot does and fawns, because as I have written many times before I am quite possibly the world’s worst deer hunter.. Thanks to Natalie, Eric, and Andy (who I was told had input into this “gift”) this “rack” is now hanging in my study.

Now I need to determine how to best pay my friends back for this gift.

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