A Couple of Reasons I Love “Threads”

If you ever read my blog very much you should know that thanks to the wonderful naming talents of Natalie G the people who make up Tapestry are affectionately known as “threads” (also I would like to add that if you read my blog very often you should probably find better reading material-😜). I am often reminded of how much I love my “thread” friends and tonight was another reminder for two reasons.

Just “threads” doing what “threads” do,

First, I have a tendency to volunteer for us to serve at bad times. For example, serving the Place of Peace meal for 70ish people the Thursday after Christmas when everyone is gone. I was told that not many people who be able to help because of the holidays. In fact, I only had one “thread” family sign up to help. No big deal the church budget would just cover the meal. So I bought I lot of stuff and hoped that a few people would show up to help serve. Well we had a great turn out and a ton of food. Pam actually heard one of the “PoP”s (what I am now calling regulars at the Place of Peace meal) say “we’ve never had this many desserts before”. I’m not really surprised that the “threads” pull through, you guys always do.

Second, the Strongs have a few agatized wood bowls. The first time I saw one I asked about it and told them how Pam and I were given one when we were newlyweds. For the longest time it was my popcorn bowl and I loved it. You may say “you can’t love a bowl” but you would be wrong. I had a deep and meaningful relationship with this bowl. You see popcorn is very important to me and therefore my popcorn bowl is very important also. I presently have a wonderful enamelware popcorn bowl that Pam gave me one year for my birthday or Christmas. It is great a great bowl and I love it, but your first popcorn bowl is always special. My first great popcorn bowl was an agatized wood bowl and when it broke I wanted another. Though I didn’t know that it was called agatized wood. Which is why when it broke I had no idea how to find another. I searched for bowls made out of sawdust and glue, which is what I thought agatized wood was, but I never found anything. Then I saw the Strong’s bowl. I asked them how they got it and discovered that her dad and mom buy them whenever they see them. Low and behold they brought me one tonight. It is wonderful. Thank you Strongs. Y’all are wonderful.

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