This World Has Nothing For Me … Except For This

Adam just introduced me to the Instagram account PreacherNSneakers which is basically just an account of the price of certain celebrity preachers’ (I can’t believe this is a category now) shoes and their various other clothes.

In Steve Martin’s classic movie “The Jerk” there is this great scene where Steve Martin’s character proclaims again and again how he doesn’t need anything. Well sort of.

When I see the photos and price tags attached on PreachersNSneakers I have a hard time not imagining these preachers singing a “Jerk” paraphrased version of anyone of a number of worship songs that basically say “this world has nothing for me”. I’ll mention “This World” by Caedmon’s Call because I believe it is one of the better ones.

Anyhow the paraphrase I hear in my mind when i see these photos goes something like this.

This world has nothing for me … except THIS.

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