Trying Out Blooom

I kept hearing about Blooom on a few financial podcasts that I listen to (particularly “Stacking Benjamins which is one of my two favorite – the other being Clark Howard who I love – seriously Clark Howard is the best, if you aren’t listening to him you should, like right now, stop reading this and listen to Clark) so I thought I would try it out. I really like what they have recommended with my retirement account and the fact that it automatically re-balances my funds 4 times a year is wonderful. Anyhow if you go here and try it out you get a deal and I get a referral Amazon credit of $10 It is a win-win.

Blooom is a roboadvisor that manages your employer based 401k. They look at your funds and within your 401k provider balances your funds to to match your financial goals and comfort with risk while looking for the lowest cost funds within your 401k provider. A human advisor would take a percentage of your fund total. Blooom is a set fee.

Thus far I really like Blooom.

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