Tapestry Fathers (and Mothers)

The image above is the verse of the day in the Bible app I use. Seemed appropriate since Father’s Day is Sunday. It also reminded me how thankful I am for the many parents we have in Tapestry. I say parents because while this Sunday the focus will be on Fathers the reality is that we have excellent Fathers and Mothers in Tapestry and I want to brag on all of y’all for a second.

Unfortunately I have known and know of some not so good Fathers and Mothers during my years of ministry. Sometimes it has been from first hand experience and other times it has been hearing of the pain inflict by such parents on their kids who were and are people who I love. The good parents do the things that are in the best interests of their kids becoming mature adults who can trust and are healthy enough to add to their communities and relationships, and show their kids the grace and love that are found in Jesus. The other parents are typically focused on themselves – even when they may say they are all about their kids and family, their actions say otherwise (often they seem to be the ones to say the loudest that they “would do anything for their kids”, that is, anything but whatever they don’t want to or isn’t focused on themselves). Grace and discipline are NOT separate for the parents that I admire. The parents I admire seem to recognize that when scripture tells us “Whoever spares the rod hates their children” (Proverbs 13:24a) the “rod” is meant for direction of the child, to point them in the right direction, and, therefore, don’t use such verses as an excuse to shout at or even physically harm their child and somehow think that causing such fear is good parenting.

I could go on but I won’t. What I want to say is that as of last week Tapestry has three new dad’s who this Sunday will experience their first Father’s Day holding their kids. I have no doubt that Elizabeth & Nathan, Bethany & Conor, and Ellyn & David are going to be incredible parents who will raise their children in the love and peace of Jesus. Part of my faith here comes from the fact that they are surrounded by such a “great cloud of witnesses” in Tapestry concerning what it means to be a good mom and dad. From couples together, to single parents, to foster parents, to blended families I am so thankful for the sacrificial way you love and the example your set for our young parents.

I am so very thankful for all of you.

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