Please Don’t Put Ranch on the Jambalaya!

Today was Tapestry’s annual jambalaya meal for the Teachers and Staff of Washington Elementary School. We do this each year to say “thanks” for putting up with us throughout the year and also for teaching the kids in our community. This year it almost didn’t happen because of the construction at the school. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen until this past Friday. This is why the meal was basically thrown together at the last minute and not as many “threads” as usual were involved in it.

Anyhow my heart was hurt today when one of the teachers grabbed a big ole’ plate of jambalaya and then began to cover the whole thing in Ranch salad dressing. It still hurts to even think about it. Almost makes me feel like I can never cook jambalaya again. Naw. I’ll cook it again. I just want bring Ranch next time. ūüėČ

By the way, starting next week Tapestry will meet at the IDEA Center. We will meet here through the Summer due to the construction at Washington. We saw what they had started today and I understand completely why we can’t meet there during the construction. It is a big deal.

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