God in the Noises of Life

The past two days I have been working with several “threads” to work up something video-wise that would be slightly similar to what we normally do during Tapestry’s Sunday morning worship gatherings. Video church isn’t really us. It works for some people, and I am glad for that. I hope that it will work for us tomorrow, and if it does it will be extremely grateful for that. Tapestry’s worship gatherings typically involve people making statements and questions, and there is usually noise. Lots of noise. The noises of life are actually one of my favorite aspects of worship during Sunday morning with Tapestry.

On a typical Sunday morning at Tapestry, you are going to hear people talking about life during the announcements, there are going to be lots of kids noises, someone walking in later, another person leaving early, and various clicks and spills from coffee cups and other things. I love these noises. I believe they serve as reminders of God being in the ordinary of the day. The Incarnate God isn’t chased away by the noises of life. He is present in the midst of them. They serve as Ebenezzer’s of God’s presence – something to remind us that if He isn’t chased away by the ever-present noises of life He won’t be chased away by the other dramas of life either.

So I was worried that a video “gathering” wouldn’t really be us because of a lack of interaction and a lack of noise. I figured I could work on the interaction by making sure that lots of people were involved. I quietly hoped that when people recorded video on their phones that some life noises would pop in there. A kid sound every now and then, maybe a a pet obviously in the room, or some other normal household sound. The noises of life, with God present in their midst.

Tomorrow at 10:30 am, I’ll post the video that the “threads” made together, so we can worship together during a week when we can’t physically worship together. The noises are there and I believe God is too.

As for the video above, well this is just what happens when Eric makes a video for you. 🙂

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