and you should too

2012-06-05 09.01.38

kind of cool to be a part of only the third gubernatorial recall vote in our nation’s history. obviously i am pulling for a certain result (which i won’t say because my blog is on the church’s site and i have wonderful friends in tapestry who hold a different view from me concerning the election and i don’t want them to feel like their tithe went to support politicking) but either way our election process and the democratic republic that results from it are awesome. i assume i am the first member of my family to have ever voted in a gubernatorial recall since i was the first terrell signature at the poll today and i don’t believe any of my extended family has ever voted in a gubernatorial recall before.

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  1. Yes, you were first because I saw your signature when I signed it. Now Adam just has to get his butt up and go vote.

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