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well i tried something this morning at sunday school that apparently didn’t work. i have the david crowder song “o praise HIM” stuck in my noodle and have had it there for about a week now. this morning i decided that i would try to lead the teens in singing it but during practice i realized that all but one part of it was working and it was going to take a little longer to figure out how to make that chorus work with my voice. so i decided to do the next best thing, i needed an opening for our discussion on GOD accomplishing great things even through the worst moments of our lives and i figured a terrible rendition of the song might convey at least part of the “worst moments”. so i decided to vocally trash the song and i did quite well at it ( i may have found my calling in life – wierd al without the vocal talent or lyrical abilities or even the accordian). in fact i did so well at trashing the song that people began to roll up paper and throw it at me. kind of like a bad vauldvile act except without the vegetables. of course, i deserved the stuff being thrown at me because i was really bad. like i said i have a talent for bad singing.

the humor is that now i can’t convince anybody that i purposefully sang the song bad. now don’t get me wrong, i could never do the song justice. i sing like a cross between michael bolton and elmer fudd (except without the mullet or hunting cap). i’m not a great singer, maybe not a decent singer but i don’t normally sing as bad as i did today. but i can’t convince anybody that it was an act. naturally if i try to sing that song again i’ll be written off before i could every prove that i’m at least a little better than what i did today (maybe they would only roll the paper up but never actually throw it at me).

cool thing tonight was that i got to lead a guy named michael to the LORD. his a college student and he needed some gas for his truck. chris m. and i drove him back (he had walked from prairieville – home of many fine prairies – to baton rouge – home absolutely no big red stick that i’ve seen) to his truck and in the process got to talk to him about life. since, i’m convinced life is about being in love with JESUS we naturally went there. it was simply cool. i love being able to talk with people about the deeper issues of life, even when they don’t agree with me. michael and i talked about these issues and he became convinced that he needed CHRIST in his life. life is really good.

just found out that my nine year old son doesn’t trust his mother and i to paint his room. we are going to paint it in a week or two while he is at school. adam now says that he is afraid that we want do things up to his standards or pick the wrong colors or something like that, so he wants to be in the house while we paint it. figures that way he can keep tabs on our work. yep, nothing like having your taste questioned by a nine year old.

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