the night the squirrel went bezerk

tonight i was attack by a ray stevens’ song.

well, at least that’s what it felt like. tonight i went up to the student center to set up the stuff that i normally set up on sunday mornings (i’m trying to streamline the mornings a little). being in a church by yourself at night is always a little freaky. i believe the reason for this is because church buildings are structures that are meant for life. their meant to be moving and full of hustle and bustle. when you enter a church building you expect conversations between friends to be going on, laughter and tears to be pouring forth, and songs and teaching to be occurring. even the silence that occurs in a church building is full of expectancy and fellowship. church buildings always feel weird when their empty, kind of like a party after every body has left. even though it feels weird i always enjoy being up at the church alone because it prepares me for the joy of when everyone else is up there. i enjoy it but i’m still a little tense because like i said the building doesn’t feel quite right empty.

while i was walking up to the balcony to get a spot light i was lost in thought about something. i turned the corner to enter the balcony and was immediately jumped at by a terrified gray squirrel. he was trying to get away from me but apparently got confused and thought the best way to avoid me was to jump at my face. of course, he was right because i fell to the floor quicker than i should have (which i am now paying for in pain). the squirrel flew right down the stairs and went somewhere i couldn’t see. it took me a moment to overcome my fright (and believe me, i was frightened) and then realized that it was up to me to get rid of this little acrobatic rodent. if i didn’t youth sunday school would be very interesting in the morning. i could just picture the squirrel running through the opening assembly. the girls shouting and the guys trying to catch the thing. it would be utter chaos.

so i went down stairs trying to chase the squirrel out the open window through which it had come. of course, the squirrel didn’t know that i was trying to free it. it thought i was trying to turn it into a meal. therefore, it ran in every direction except the one that i need it to. it wouldn’t go anywhere near the open window. i chased it and chased it. up the stairs, down the stairs, through chairs, around tables. i eventually was able to chase it up the stairs to the open window but i never actually was able to see it go ou the window. i assume that it did but who knows. tomorrow’s sunday school could be very interesting.

you’re not going to believe this second part and i’m too tired to tell it completely so i’ll mention it now and finish it tomorrow. i was attacked by yellow jackets again and i have the marks to prove it. i’ll tell the story of the ninja trained yellow jackets tomorrow. i’m not sure what i have done to the world’s yellow jacket population but it is apparent that every yellowe jacket on the earth has it in for me.

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