i resolve to

this year i decided to make resolutions that i can actually keep. you see each year i make a list of goals that i want to accomplish during the year. they vary from the serious to the not so serious. i want to memorize a certain number of verses, i want to learn to play the penny whistle, etc. usually i finish about 80% of these goals. this year i have decided that i would pick different goals from normal and i would make sure and accomplish them. one of the goals is that i want to stop playing racquetball twice a week. the only problem with this resolution is that presently i don’t play racquetball at all. therefore, it is impossible for me to quite playing it twice a week since i don’t actually play at all right now. i figure by making this goal i have a pretty good chance of succeeding and if i fail, then i will at least get in better shape while not accomplishing my goal.

so, today i went to play racquetball for the first time this week, figuring that i could then play thursday also and be able to quite the next week. this would accomplish one of my resolutions for the year very quickly and be a good start for the year. the only problem is that after playing today i am presently very sore and i’m not sure that i will be able to play thursday (this means i wouldn’t be able to reach my goal of quitting next week and that is very upsetting). my legs are sore from running all over the court, my right arm is sore from swinging the racquet continually, and my left arm hurts for some unknown reason ( i believe it is from sympathetic pain just from being drug all over the court by the rest of my body). this stinks. who would have ever thought that i would have to kill myself just to get to the point that i could then quite my work-outs. yet i’m dedicated to accomplishing my goals. i will play twice this week so that i can then quite and be an example of how to reach your goals.

i hope you all can learn form my example and the pain it is costing me to accomplish my goals.

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