you people are pigs

i just finished taking down all the stuff we set up in the student center for the view last night and i was amazed at the mess that a group of 80 teens can cause. each of you should be ashamed of yourself. did your mother raise you in a barn?

just kidding.

i had a flash back to what my mother used to say to me and neither adam, my almost 10 year old, nor noah, my 7 year old, are around for me to pick at so i had to use ya’ll. see this is what you get to look forward to one day. you’ll probably get married, have to work real hard at having a great marriage (a little hint here – the marriages that stink are the ones in which both parties
don’t work at it all the time), then probably have kids and then you get the joy of blaming them for everything that breaks (and knowing that you are probably right). ah, the joys of parenthood.

yesterday noah decided to swap from being an l.s.u. fan to being an oklahoma fan. neither pam nor i can find out why he swapped. he says he was coloring a snowman in l.s.u. colors and half way through the snow man “it just happened” and he swapped to being an o.u. fan. he describes it like it was a mystical experience. it’s as though the big sooner mascot in the sky unveiled the heavens and spoke to noah – “noah, be a sooner fan!” anyhow, noah brought the snow man home to prove to us that “it just happened” and sure enough it is half l.s.u. colors and then immediately swaps to o.u. colors. apparently my youngest son had a mystical n.c.a.a. football experience. who knew?

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