rain, rain, stay here for the night

it has rain on-again-off-again through out the day. it’s now night time, i’m about to go to bed, and it is raining again. i hope that it rains long and hard all night. there is very little better than sleeping during a rain storm. i love it. if it can’t rain all night then i would be okay with it raining hard a few times and waking me up so i could experience it. the rainy season that we have in baton rouge is one of the best parts of living in bayou land. i especially love the “gully washers” we have when it rains so hard that the drainage system can’t handle it for a short time period and the water backs up. it’s the coolest thing when you look out and see water squirting out of the holes of a manhole cover.

i find that i even like driving during storms. there is nothing quite like driving when it is really pouring down, hitting puddles and sending spray for twenty feet is just plain cool. i love the rain.

lightning is another story completely. i don’t like lightning when i am at home because i keep on thinking that it will blow up the electronics in my home. when i am driving and away from home lightning is great – quite fun to watch – but not when i am home.

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