lights out

tonight at the view the power cut off. we’ve had a fair number of storms around here in baton rouge and they have caused a decent number of power outages. particularly this afternoon. the power cut out three times while i was developing the powerpoint for the worship at the view. at the view everything was going fine until about 7:20 when the power cut off. this meant i pretty much lost everyone’s attention. the power came back on but i was pretty sure that i had lost control. we finished the service and the cut off again. typically the youth and adults hang out after the service for a good while. usually there are people around the student center over an hour after the view is over. it’s wonderful. i really enjoy everyone enjoying being around each other. of course, when the power cut out everyone left. apparently everyone enjoys being around one another until the lights cut out. apparently i have developed a ministry full of people scared of the dark. it’s sad but true.

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